Publish or Perish Printing Ministries

And the gospel must first be published among all nations.   Mark 13:10

The current print shop

About Us

Publish or Perish Printing Ministries is a faith based  printing ministry. Founded in 1997 out of Biloxi River Baptist Church. We have printed and shipped millions of tracts since our start, and we are constantly looking to expand. Currently we distribute tracts to over 120 different countries. We also distribute other literature, such as Bibles and John & Romans booklets.


We have 32 tracts in English and Spanish. Currently there are three full time missionaries, and several part time volunteers. All tracts and literature are provided free of charge, as the Lord, through His people, provides the necessary funds. We have never made a charge for our tracts, or for shipping, thanks to the Lord and the faithful supporters of this faith based ministry. If you would like to help us with a donation, your tax deductible gift may be sent to our home church. Please designate that your gift is for Publish or Perish Printing Ministry, and our church treasurer will take care of that. If you have any questions about donations feel free to contact us. You will find contact information on the “Contact Us” page of this website.


The old print shop

Bro. Greg and Bro. Bob taking tracts from the jogger.

The press running and printing tracts.

Bro. Greg cutting the tracts.

Bro. Bob printing tracts.

 Bro. Perry Davis, and Bro. Darrel Smith folding tracts.

Bro. Justin & Sister Rachel Smith came down to help fold tracts.

Printing & SupplyingTo All Nations

             GOSPEL TRACTS